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Todra Gorge, MoroccoThe Todra Gorge is an amazing place to visit. It is off the beaten track in that it isquite far away from any of the busy Moroccan metropolitan cities. It is about 7 hours from Marrakesh and sits proudly on the horizon gazing back at the surrounding landscape. The Todra and Dades rivers have created and moulded this canyon by whittling away at it withtheir swirling waters to create a monster of mountain and rock. Its desolate beauty is what brings tourists, climbers and hikers to it each year. There are paths and tidy roads now that can bring the tourist here, but it is still relatively undisturbed place.  Enter the gorge and feel its walls enveloping and closing in around you, walk through and absorb the jaw dropping views.

There are still some beautiful clear waters running narrowly through the steep sided valleys that glare magnificently at you as you travel through. These rocks have been beaten into shape by time and water, the once swirling waters cutting shapes into the rock, the limestone chiselled into perfection that stands there only to be admired. Here, close by Berbers still live relatively undisturbed by modern living. The territory is striking in its beauty.

The mining village of Tinerhir is close by and you can travel through the canyons a number of different ways, by car, on foot, or even by bicycle. The Berber villages that surround the canyon are well worth a visit. A collection of palm trees start your journey off at Tinerhir, once the sun shines through the leaves of these magnificent palmeries the colours are outstanding. There are the gorgeous smells of various fruit trees that are just before you reach some precious olive terraces, and there is a single Kasbah to visit called a ksour which can be reached once you have passed through the gorge and into the gardens.

The rock formations are at least 300metres high and are a fantastic sight to behold. Our tours will tell you about this stunning site and will give you a history of the gorge, and also tell you something of the Berber populations that live close by. There are a few hotels around Tinerhir, such as LesRoches and Yasmina,both of which are in a stunning location with the rocks directly behind them with running water gently pouring down in rivulets behind.

Come here and will not be disappointed, this truly is a wonder of nature that you will never forget.

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