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Souss-Massa National park

Atlantic Coast - Souss-Massa National ParkThe Souss-Massa National Park can be located between Agadir and Sidi Ifni, on the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in the early ninetiesand is now just under 40,000 hectares. It has gone from strength to strength, educating those who visit on the exceptional biodiversity of the area.  The Park provides crucial habitat for Moroccan bird life, and is known throughout the world.

There are many different species of both bird and animal here, and has one of the rarest and most exceptional birds,the Northern Bald Ibis. These birds nest on ledges of grassycoastal cliffs and therefore the park is ideal habitat for this critically endangered bird. There are plenty of other species of bird here too such as, Swallows, Greenshanks, various gulls, Red necked nightjars, and Dunlins amongst many others providing bird watchers with an excellent range of species to watch out for.The Park attracts many bird watchers throughout the year but the best time to see them is between March and April due to migratory patterns.

Northern Bald IbisThere is also a diverse range of animals here such as Jackals, Algerian hedgehogs, African Wild Cats, Leopard lizards, Weasels, and the Red Fox amongst many others. There are also different species of gazelle, Oryx, and ostrich. In the flora and fauna there can be found various frogs, toads, and reptiles.

 The Park can be explored via a tour bus or by simply walking around the park, but it is worth taking a hat and water as it is very hot and the Park is a vast area to cover. The Park is off the beaten track, although once discovered it is well worth the visit.  It has a diverse habitat which includes beaches, forests, and coastal cliffs. As you can imagine it attracts all manner of species. Animals are sadly killed in Morocco for the benefits of tourism by using them as a form of entertainment or killing them in order to provide souvenirs and the Park attempts to spread their message regarding conservation and endangered species. There is a visitor centre close by where visitors can learn more about the habitats and wildlife conservation programmes going on at the Park. It is definitely a place worth visiting and not just for those who are interested in birds, but anyone who has an interest in the conservation of endangered species and animals in general. 

Legzira Beach and the Rock Arches

Legzira beach morocco rock arch A little further along the Atlantic Coast are the magnificent rock arches of Legzira beach, its arches have been thrashed into shape over the centuries by the Atlantic Ocean. Years of waves relentlessly smashing against the cliffs have eroded into pink rock shapes that look out on to the sea. Spectacular coves peek out from beneath gigantic arches. 

Several rock arches jut out into the sea, but not all can be seen due to the rise and fall of the tides, but when they are visible, they truly are a sight to behold. The shapes and colours of the arches against the sunset or sunrise is a truly arresting sight.

Fortunately, this beach is not frequented by too many tourists therefore they are still a welcome relief from the busy cities and towns. The rock arches are an imposing monument and legacy of nature’s will, as they look impressively out over the sea. There are sweeping views of the ocean with the familiar pink buildings and rolling hills behind.

There are not enough superlatives to describe these superior rock formations and are well worth a visit, the beach is large enough to explore, but at the same time peaceful enough to unwind and enjoy.

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