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Mausoleum of Mohammed V,The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is a historical building located in Rabat, Morocco. The Mausoleum is the location of the tombs of the current king’s grandfather, King Mohammed V, and his two sons King Hassan II and Prince Moulay Abdellah. The Mausoleum is both a tomb and a mosque and one of the few holy places that are open to the public and tourists.

Mohammed V is remembered in Morocco for playing a major part in getting independence for the country. He was sultan of Morocco for two periods, 1927 to 1953 and 1957 to 1961. After his death in 1961 his son (King Hassan II) commissioned the building in 1962 and it was completed in 1971.

Although the building is a fantastic example of Alaouite dynasty architecture, the outside is relatively modest being a white building topped by a typical green tiled roof (green is the colour of Islam). The inside of the mausoleum is full of exquisite traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The inside is lavishly decorated and adorned with a wealth of traditional artwork, marble floors and ceilings of gold leaf and hand-carved cedar wood.

Inside Mausoleum of Mohammed V Next door to the Mausoleum is Mohammed V Mosque, which is used every day but gets really busy for Friday midday prayers and other important holy days. The Mausoleum is located very close to Hassan Tower, and is open every day, but closed between 12noon and 2pm for midday prayers. This is a very holy area and means a significant amount to the people of Morocco, so visitors should dress respectfully and wear long clothing, at minimum females should cover their shoulders and their knees. The whole complex is guarded by royal guards who are usually happy to have their photo taken, but please ask first.

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