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Morocco Tourists camel trailIs the airport transfer included in the price?

Yes, we are happy to pick you up from Marrakech International Airport on day one of the tour. We will ask for your flight details 6 weeks before your arrival and one of our local representatives will meet you at the airport and will transfer you to your hotel.

Do I need a visa to enter Morocco?

At the time of writing these notes (Jan 2013) most nationalities (including British, US, Australian, New Zealand & Canadians) do not need a visa to enter Morocco as a tourist for up to 3 months, however requirements do occasionally change so we suggest you check again before you travel (Please note South Africans DO need a visa to enter Morocco). All nationalities need a current passport which is valid for six months to enter Morocco. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant documents and Pillow will not accept responsibility for being refused entry to Morocco due to incorrect documentation.

Do I need travel insurance?

YES, All clients travelling with Pillow must have personal travel insurance! This insurance must cover all medical and repatriation costs. Please bring your insurance policy with you, as our tour leader will want to see it during the pre-departure meeting. Our tour leader will also want to see your insurance policy number and emergency contact details .

Do I need any vaccinations for Morocco?

There are no compulsory vaccinations to travel around Morocco, but we recommend that you ensure your tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, polio & hepatitis are all up to date.

What type of currency do they use in Morocco?

The currency in Morocco is DIRHAM, and this is split into 100 CENTIMES. The current exchange rates at the time of writing (Jan 2013) are 1 GBP = 13.26 Dirham, 1 US$ = 8.29 Dirham and 1 AU$ = 8.28.

Please note, the Dirham is a “closed” currency, meaning it’s officially only available once you get to Morocco. This means you can’t visit a local exchange in the UK and get some Dirham before you arrive inside Morocco, you have to wait until you have arrived to get currency.

What language do they speak in Morocco?

Arabic is the official language in Morocco although English and French are widely spoken throughout the tourist areas.

Do you use local or western tour leaders?

We use local tour leaders and we have local partners based in Morocco. At Pillow we always use local tour leaders as they can give you better knowledge about the local customs and traditions, and know the local language etc.

What is the average age and group size of this tour?

The majority of our clients are aged between 18 to 35, however we don’t impose any upper age limits so anybody who is fun loving and young at heart is always welcome. Normally the group size is between 6 to 15 people on each of our tours.

What about food and drink?

Morocco Food and DrinkMoroccan cuisine is both distinctive and delicious, and is a major way local Moroccans express their culture and tradition. You should not leave Morocco without trying a Tajine, which is a stew of meat, vegetables and fruit cooked very slowly over a charcoal fire. Couscous also tastes better in Morocco than anywhere else! As always, sensible food and water hygiene is essential to avoid stomach upsets and diarrhea. Make sure food has been properly prepared, drink only boiled or bottled water and keep in mind that ice will have been made with tap water.

 Islam forbids the drinking of alcohol but, in practice, it is widely available in Morocco. More expensive restaurants are licensed and bars are available. Alcohol can be bought in supermarkets. Beer is brewed locally and we recommend either Stork (brewed in Fez) or Casablanca beer (brewed in Casablanca.

For more information about Moroccan food and drink, please click here and read our food and drink page.

Do I have to bargain and haggle while in Morocco?

You won’t have to haggle for anything which is included in the tour price, but if you want to buy souvenirs you will have to haggle. Please click here to read our guide on haggling in Morocco.

What about shopping and souvenirs, what can I buy?

There is loads of fantastic arts and crafts to buy in Morocco, please click here to read our arts and crafts guide.

Can I take photos?

You can take photos in most places in Morocco, however your tour leader will advise you if you can’t in any particular areas. Often museums will charge an extra fee to allow you to take your camera into the museum and take photos, please note this extra camera fee IS NOT included in your tour price.

Be careful when taking photos in Jemaa-el-Fna Square in Marrakech, as snake performers, water carriers, street performers will often ask for payment after you have taken your photo. As always, if you are taking a photo of anybody please ask their permission first, or ask your tour leader to ask them for permission etc.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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