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We are looking for people to join our tribe!!!

Join the Pillow Tribe

At Pillow we are passionate about travel and experiencing new things. We love being taken away from our comfort zone and enjoying new festivals or countries. We love visiting new places, seeing new things or meeting new people.

We love this enjoyment, we love creating these experiences for you, and we love creating these memories you will hopefully keep forever. If you have this same passion for travel and general lust for life, we need you in our tribe.

Join Our TribeIf you join our tribe, you will be joining a network of likeminded people. All of our tribe members want to live life to the max, have fun and see and experience new things. Our tribe members want to do things like throw tomatoes at each other at La Tomatina, run with the bulls in Pamplona, camp with Berbers in the Sahara desert or climb Mt Toubkal in Morocco. Our tribe members want to travel and see and do interesting things with interesting people.

Not only are you joining a tribe of amazing likeminded people, by being part of the tribe you will receive loads of offers of FREE trips and experiences, large discounts and special events for you to enjoy with other tribe members. For example in the next few months we are organising for our tribe members…..

* Tribe meeting for the International Pillow Fight Day in Trafalgar Square (with the name Pillow, we had to!).

* FREE trip to the Shin Kicking event at the Cotswold Olympics (Max 46 people).

* FREE Pub Crawls with discounted drinks for tribe members (Drinks not included).

* FREE trip to the Cotswolds and Bath (Max 46 people).

* FREE trip to Canterbury and the White Cliffs of Dover (Max 46 people).

* Great Offers and Discounts for our listed Pillow Tours and Events.

* Access to tribe only areas of our website and Facebook page.

* And much much more!

Once you are a tribe member, you can influence what we do and what we offer. You can ask us to organise new events and tours, or maybe even get involved and help us organise our tribe.

However, please don’t just join our tribe because you want free stuff, join because you believe in what we are doing. Join because you want to belong to a group who love travelling and experiencing new festivals and events. Join because you want to meet likeminded people who love to travel and live life to the max.

*We have NEVER and will NEVER ever … ever … ever… pass your details onto a third party!

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