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Egyptian Museum CairoYou will find the Egyptian Museum at the Tahrir Square in Cairo, it’s had several other locations prior to its present one including Boulak and Giza Palace. This beautiful building was built at the end of the nineteenth century, and opened not long after at the very beginning of the twentieth. It was designed by Marcel Dourgnon in a neoclassical style and now houses a magnificent collection of artefacts, which mostly consist of pharaohonic collections.

There are a breath-taking 107 floors with each floor housing a different collection, with over 100,000 different objects in the whole museum. Some are split into different eras,the pre dynasty & the Old Kingdom, the intermediate period and the Middle Kingdom, late period and the Greek and Roman periods. There is also a large collection of coins, papyrus, jewellery, sarcophagi and various art works of different eras.

A hall dedicated to the royal mummies houses more than 10 kings and queens. The most famous king or pharaoh is of course King Tutankhamen whose collection is on the upper floor.  Discovered by Howard Carter it took 10 years to excavate his tomb, this collection has toured the world and is now housed here at the Egyptian museum.

Egyptian Museum CairoThere are many impressive sculptures on display here which include statuettes of the divinities and wooden models carved from daily life. The jewellery show how much craftsmanship was involved in their making and are testament to the skill of Egyptian artists, and the standard of gold work overall is astonishing.

The collection of anthropoid coffins, or person shaped coffins, are awe inspiring and are an impressive legacy from the ancient Egyptians. The haunting death masks of the pharaohs are well worth seeing as are the anthropoid coffins, which show lifelike images of the pharaohs who once ruled over Egypt. The Egyptians believed these lifelike images on the sarcophagi were a substitute for the body after death. Other items were added to the coffin such as tools and other instruments, which the Egyptians believed would come in useful in the journey to the afterlife.

The Museum is open from 9am until 7pm daily and from 9am until 5pm during Ramadan. The cost to enter the museum is around E£60 per adult (approx GBP£6 per person) and it costs extra £100 per person to enter the Mummies Room (Approx GBP £10 per person). However if you have a student card, you can get 50% off these prices. There is also a charge for taking a camera into the museum (approx GBP1 per person for camera with no flash and GBP18 for video camera).

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