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The Blue Hole is a very popular diving and snorkelling location 5km north of Dahab. The actual “Blue Hole” is a sinkhole approximately 125 meters deep, but the waters leading from the shoreline to the blue hole are shallow, clear and have abundant sea life and coral life. This location is one of the best places in the world for snorkelling, and we highly recommend a visit during your stay in Dahab.

Dahab Blue Hole

However, if you intend to go diving at the blue hole, we strongly recommend you only go to a depth of 35 meters. The blue hold is a very dangerous dive site, and is considered by many to be the most dangerous diving location in the world. Most accidents happen when divers try to find a tunnel from the blue hole to the open sea. The tunnel depth is around 55 meters below sea level, so well below the PADI recreational limit of 35 to 40 meters, and nitrogen narcosis is a real issue. The Egyptian government claim 40 divers have been killed at the Blue Hole, but many locals believe that number is much higher.

Despite the dangers of deep diving at the Blue Hole, snorkeling is very safe and highly recommended. There are café’s and restaurants along the sea front, meaning you can relax and sunbathe on the shore line with food and drink, and then enter the water for snorkeling when you are ready. The road between Dahab and the Blue hole is a rough track, so you will need a 4×4 to get there. However there are many tour operators in Dahab offering 4×4 jeep transfer with snorkel mask and flippers included for as little as £5 per person. Alternatively you can organize camel transfers to the blue hole for around £12 per person.

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