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Egypt Tours - Christmas in HurghadaHurghada is a holiday resort that caters to tourists with the usual sun, sea and sand. There is little evidence of ancient Egyptian monuments or Arabic or Islamic culture here. The call to prayer is drowned out by the western dance music and there is a plentiful supply of restaurants and bars. Food is mainly western with the odd nod to Russian cuisine, as this is a favourite haunt for Russian holiday makers. There are no restrictions on alcohol and there is plenty of night life.

However, diving is the main attraction here in Hurghada, with many diving centres offering courses for novices and beginners who wish to learn. There are snorkelling safaris available and there is plenty of marine life to enjoy with shoals of brightly coloured fish. There are about 10 coral islands offering excellent marine life, and one of the most popular is Giftun Island, which is a 40 minute ride by boat, only 100 people are allowed each day. There are dive centres, refreshment facilities and rest rooms available.

Diving centres should be chosen cautiously and it is advised to stick to ones attached to larger hotels or villages where there are professionally trained instructors and up to date equipment available.

Egyptian resort of Hurghada at nightFor those that don’t dive there are glass bottom boats available in which marine life can be viewed in the comfort of a relaxing boat trip. And if you don’t fancy a trip out to sea, there is the Red Sea Aquarium which has tanks containing some species that are readily found among the reefs here in Hurghada.

Hurghada is essentially a package holiday destination, and there are direct flights to the town, but it can also be reached by road from either Luxor (127 miles) or Cairo which is 5 hours away.




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