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Taking you to the biggest and best adventure travel destinations around the world, Including Morocco, India, Nepal and Egypt.

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Pillow Adventure Travel Company Ltd was founded in 2007, and is a leading provider of adventure travel tours to amazing destinations like Morocco, Egypt, Nepal, India. We also offer pre-pitched tented accommodation and glamping (glamorous camping) at major festivals and events across Europe. Please click here to visit our Festivals and Events website.

Pillow - Festivals and Events, Camping & Glamping Tours (Resize)Pillow was founded in 2007 by a chap called Rick who thought there was more to life than sitting in an office all day. His vision was simple, to create a new company that would offer really well organised, professional tours or camping accommodation at major festivals and events across Europe. During 2014 we took over 4,000 people to different places around the world. We have grown into a leading pre-pitched camping and glamping company operating at over 20 major British events. 

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“Passionate People”

At Pillow we only employ people who have a genuine passion for travel. This results in really well organised tours which are planned and run by people who really care! For example our tour leader Ivan loves Pamplona and Running with the Bulls, he runs every day during the San Fermin and genuinely believes this amazing festival has changed his life (read about Ivan here). We could talk about our ANZAC Day WWI Guide Vic who loves his subject so much he has moved to France and written three books about the Battle of the Somme. We could also talk about our Festivals and Events manager Greg who loves trekking so much he has just walked the entire length of the Camino de Santiago. If you book with us, its these type of people who are working hard behind the scenes to ensure you have an amazing experience.

“Word of Mouth Recommendations”

At Pillow we don’t spend loads of money on advertising, and you probably are reading this because you stumbled across us on Google or because somebody recommended us. By relying on word of mouth recommendations its means we have to produce great quality campsites or tours so people can recommend us. If the tours we organise don’t get these recommendations, our business model does not work. Also the money we save on advertising costs we pass directly onto you, it’s one of the reasons our tours are so much cheaper than our competitors.

“Offering Financial Security”

All of our package tours have full financial protection and we are fully compliant with the 1992 European Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations. If you book a package tour with us, your money will be kept in a segregated account which we are not allowed to touch until the tour is finished and all listed services have been provided.

“Being Environmentally Friendly”

At Pillow we do our best to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our office is as green as we can reasonably make it. On our tours we recycle as much as possible and when we run large scale campsites we always leave the area in the same condition as we find it. We support the “Trees for Cities” charity to help offset the carbon emissions we create, but we can still do better and our environmental policy is a work in progress, but as we grow bigger we hope to do more to help the environment.

“Being Socially Aware”

At Pillow we try to be as socially aware as possible. All of our Adventure Travel tours outside of Europe use local partners who live and work in that particular country. Their business has to be based in that country to ensure all money raised from our tourism activities stay local and help the local economy. The companies we use have to have minimum employment standards, to ensure porters, drivers and tour leaders receive reasonable protection and working conditions. From 2012, our shareholders have agreed that 5% of all of our profits will be given to charity. We want to do more, and as our business grows we will be in a position to do more.

“Running a Tribe”

At Pillow we love to travel and experience new festivals, events and cultures around the world. We like moving away from our comfort zone and climbing mountains. We like the excitement travelling gives us. If you feel the same way, you can join our tribe. If you join our tribe you will receive loads of benefits like free day trips, organised pub crawls and events, discounts on our tours and tribe only areas of our website and our Facebook page. However the tribe is more than just a way to get free stuff. The tribe is for people who love travel and a want to meet like minded people.


Pillow offers discounts to clients who book a number of tours or large groups, please click here for more information about our loyalty or group rewards. If you want to see our booking terms and conditions, please click here.

For more information about Pillow tours, please feel free to Contact Us or visit our Facebook page to add your own feedback or view others opinions.

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